Prince Nuada - First Betraya-S

Prince Nuada Silverlance, son of King Balor and heir to the throne of Bethmoora.

The character, Prince Nuada Silverlance, portrayed in Hellboy II: The Golden Army by actor Luke Goss triggered various reactions from the audience: some hating him, some loving him, but very few remaining unmoved in one way or the other.

Thousands of fan videos, artwork and fan fictions have been created in his name. Even five years after the release of the film, this following for the character is still going strong.

The Prince Nuada Petition

Petition History:

A petition, requesting a full length film with Nuada's life story, was started on May 15, 2009 by members at the Luke Goss Forum: LeafofSteel, Apprentice and Seph7.

March 2010
Work began on a way to visualize the concept of a petition. Working with the original petition creators the petitions were merged.

August 9, 2010
The website Hidden Realm Entertainment launched. Expanding upon the petition with a 3D animation "trailer" and fully dedicated site to the prequel.

Guillermo del Toro

August 11, 2010
Guillermo del Toro saw the site. His response was positive and he said it made him feel nostalgic for Bethmoora.

November 2, 2010
Guillermo del Toro responded via video about the Nuada Petition.
See GDT's Video

Luke Goss

August 9, 2010
Luke Goss saw the site and responded positively, and has supported the idea since.
See Luke's Responses

Doug Jones

We are unsure when Doug saw it, but he has also reacted well to the idea.

Universal Studios

Is aware of the site and the petition. That discussion is not public.

Brain Steele

And several others, that would be involved in a prequel, are also aware of the petition.

More Information:

  • The site was built and run by, Gablei and Robyn_666
  • The site took 172 days with no prior 3d knowledge.
  • The Silverlance Trailer has been translated into 5 additional languages: Russian , Spanish , German, French , Chinese
  • The site continually adds new content: games, art, news, and languages, as well as supporting other artists.


Hidden Realm Ent - The Prince Nuada Petition was a finalist in the Art category in the 4th Annual Shorty Awards in 2012


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