This trailer presents one idea of a prequel scenario imagined by Hidden Realm Entertainment, but if the prequel becomes a reality, the storyline would be from Guillermo del Toro and Mike Mignola.

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How it was madeEdit

This project took 172 working days

The teamEdit


Main trackEdit

  • Title: Spirit of Light
  • Purchased License: Standard License
  • Composer: Pierre Gerwig Langer (SESAC)
  • Publisher: Lynne Publishing (PRS - CAE#: 541626758)

Credits TrackEdit

  • Title: Once Upon A Time
  • Purchased License: Standard License
  • Composer: Adam Skorupa
  • Publisher: Lynne Publishing

Voice ClipsEdit

  • Luke Goss
    • Clip from Bone dry
    • Brett Hart/Sweat Equity Productions
  • Luke Goss/Andrew Pleavin/Simon Throp
    • Clips from Witchville
    • John Werner/Amy Krell/Syfy
  • Luke Goss
    • Clips from Hellboy II
    • Guillermo del Toro/Mike Mignola/Universal Studios
  • Luke Goss
    • Clip from One Night with the King
    • Mark Andrew Olsen/Gener8Xion Entertainment
  • Danu
    • Hidden Realm Entertainment


  • Chicago House (altered) - Barry Bujol
  • Magna Vertas (altered) - Andreas Johnsson Troll Runes - TTF Based on Hellboy II Troll Language

Programs usedEdit

  • Animation & Render: (free)Daz Studio 3.0 Daz Studio 3D
  • Mesh & Rigging: (free) Blender 2.49 Blender
  • UVMapper Classic UVMapper
  • Text: 30 trial Maxon Cinema 4D Maxon
  • Video: Sony Vegas Studio HD Sony Vegas
  • Audio: (free)Audacity 1.3 Audacity
  • Misc: Photoshop CS Flash CS3 Adobe


  • King Balor : David Custom Mesh & UV
  • Nuada : Hiro to David Custom Mesh & UV
  • Nuala : Aiko Custom Mesh & UV
  • Chamberlain : David Custom Mesh & UV
  • Mr. Wink : Daz Troll Custom Mesh Support
  • Elves : David Court Attendants Custom Mesh
  • Butcher Guards & The Freak Boggarts : Custom Mesh
  • Mom : Aiko Custom Mesh Danu ~ V3 Custom Mesh
  • Baby Nuala : Mil baby custom Morphs
  • Baby Nuada : Mil Baby Custom Morphs
  • Teen Nuala : Laura Custom Morphs
  • Teen Nuada : Luke Custom Morphs

Props and setsEdit

A lot of Custom Daz Studio Renderosity Share CG.

Disclaimer, copyright and creditsEdit

Hidden Realm Entertainment is an informal group of friends with a common interest to promote the Prince Nuada petition. We respect the rights of the copyright holders. Under 17 usc section 107 of the Copyright Act (US), allowance is made for “fair use”. We strive to abide by this Fair Use Act and will state our rationale as well as give proper attribution to all material. HBII Characters are not copyrighted by Hidden Realm Entertainment. We do not claim to own ANY of the characters, names, places or events associated with Hellboy II. All rights remain, as they should, with their original owners. No copyright infringement is intended or implied. NO profit is being made, asked for, or expected from this video. Nothing is redistributed.

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