This page is here to help you get a quick overview of what you can do on a wiki and how to do it, because a wiki is more than a website to get information, it also has comunications functions. If you want to discover wiki functions on your own, look at Help:Contents

How to create and edit contentsEdit

Before all, you have to create an account

Create a pageEdit

You can use the method described here or simply add the name of your page in the URL bar after "". Just don't forget to replace the spaces by an underscore (so "Prince Nuada" becomes "Prince_Nuada").

Edit a pageEdit

Click on the edit button to display the edit page, add your text, click on preview (on the right) to see if the presentation looks good, then click on publish and it's done.


Everything is explained on the following pages : listed version, detailed version, and very detailed version. And if you wonder how to make a table of contents, it's automatically generated when there are several headings. That's why it's very important to use them. Also, don't hesitate to edit with the "source" view (click on the "Source" tab just beside the "Visual" tab).


Don't forget to add a category if you create a page because if you don't nobody will find it. Everything is explained here. Another way to resolve this problem is to put as many relevant links as possible to other pages (see below).


There are several ways to create a link. Here are some examples.

External link : [ Displayed Text] = Displayed Text

Link to a page of this wiki (internal link) : [[Name of the page]] or [[Name of the page|Displayed Text]] = Name of the page or Displayed Text

As you can see, internal links to a page which doesn't exist yet are red, and they lead to an edit page. So when you're writing, don't hesitate to creates links whether the destination page exists or not. It just has to be pertinent.


To be continuedEdit