Bethmoora goblin
This unamed Goblin was a master of the Goblin Blacksmiths and the original creator of the Golden Army. This goblin (of The Sigri clan) suggests to King Balor the idea of a magical army that would never know hunger or pain and would assure his people of the earth a victory over mans dominating greed. Balor agrees, and the Golden Army, (70 x 70 unstoppable soldiers) is created. The goblin loses his leg in the process of creating the army and is left to manuver around in a three wheeled cart. The Golden Army proved too effective (and destructive) and was sealed away in Bethmoora under the protective custody of its original creator.

He claims to have a friendship with the Angel of Death, and has a great appreciation for shiney things.

He's played by John Alexander (who also played Johann Krauss).

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